FEIT ELECTRIC Smart Camera Wild Bird 2.5 L Plastic Bird Feeder 1 ports

By FEIT Electric

Item #: 8091914 MPN: CAM/BIRD/WIFI
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Introducing the Solar Smart Camera Bird Feeder, the ultimate gadget for birdwatchers! With its smart camera and the free Feit Electric App. Capture 1080p HD videos stored on an SD card (not included) and share your collections outside the app. Identify up to 11,000 bird species in-app. Get alerts and species identification when birds land. Compatible with iPhone and Android, it pairs easily via 2.4GHz WiFi. * *


  • Identify up to 11,000 species of birds using AI, enhancing your birdwatching experience.
  • Pairs with the free Feit Electric App, available for both iPhone and Android devices, allowing you to access live camera feeds, species identification, and more without any subscription fees
  • Capture, store, and share 1080p HD video and images straight from the app
  • Accessories include water feeder, suet holder, and hummingbird feeder attachments * *
  • Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone when birds land on the feeder, ensuring you never miss any birdwatching opportunities * *
  • Large 2.5 Liter feeding capacity provides uninterrupted birdwatching moments

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