North States Barn Wild Bird 1 lb Plastic Hopper Bird Feeder 4 ports

By North States

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The Red Barn birdfeeder is part of an extensive village collection of feeders. This feeder is reminiscent of a country red barn with white accents and a green roof. Measuring 10.25 x 9.5 x 13.25 inch high, this feeder has the capacity to hold 5 lbs. of seed. For monitoring seed levels, its windows are framed with clear plastic panes. The roof contains a lift-off cupola to make filling this feeder a breeze. The large tray or perch is removable for easy clean out. This versatile feeder can either be used as a hanging birdfeeder or pole mounted. Made from durable molded plastic, this feeder will last for years to come.


  • Bright barn-inspired bird feeder is made of durable molded plastic
  • Windows are framed with see-through plastic panes to know when its time to refill feeder
  • Feeder holds up to 8 lbs. of seeds
  • Feeder fills through lift-off cupola
  • Attached wire cord for easy hanging

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