Perky-Pet Wild Bird and Finch 1.8 lb Plastic Bird Feeder 4 ports


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The Perky-Pet copper finish 2-in-1 bird feeder is just what you need. This feeder is conveniently adaptable so that you can go from serving sunflower seed or blends ranging from mixed seed to Nyjer with a simple adjustment to the ports. You'll be able to please the palates of your favorite resident birds throughout the year without collecting multiple types of feeders simply change the ports. Each port also features a built-in perch to allow birds rest while they dine. Your resident birds will be flocking to this feeder in no time.


  • More seed options means you can attract more birds
  • Four feeding ports with perches to accommodate multiple birds
  • Seed tray offers extra perching space and keeps seed mess off the ground

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