Bearded Butchers Hot Blend Seasoning 6 oz

By Bearded Butchers

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This slow and smooth, red hot seasoning builds a satisfying whole-mouth heat that will ignite your taste buds. Take your home cuisine to the next level and witness the difference our blend of hot spices can make. You will not ever look at home cooking the same way again after experimenting with our hot seasonings. Hot is perfect for burgers, dipping sauces, french fries, eggs and seriously so much more.


  • Deep, spicy flavor from cayenne, roasted jalapeno and a carefully selected top-secret blend of red chilis from around the world flood your senses
  • Out of all the different ways we have used the hot seasoning chicken wings might be among the absolute very best
  • This is the way a hot seasoning should taste smoky, sweet and very spicy
  • Just behind that initial punch of heat is a delicate smokiness that only comes from expertly roasted, ripe chilis
  • No msg, gluten free and sugar free

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