Bearded Butchers Hollywood Blend Seasoning 5.5 oz

By Bearded Butchers

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The Bearded Butcher blend hollywood is our original blend with the addition of cane sugar, brown sugar and molasses. This spice will build a beautiful crust. Fantastic paired with pork butts, brisket, chicken, sweet potatoes, popcorn and bacon. We built our Bearded Butcher blend hollywood to accentuate cuisine of all kinds and are confident it will become a staple in your sweet spices rack. Its savory taste will not only blow your mind, but redefine what you thought of seasoning.


  • Our hollywood spice is a savory collection of sweet and sultry features that have just enough sweetness to razzle and dazzle your taste buds right to the red carpet
  • No msg and gluten free
  • No fillers
  • No anti-caking chemicals

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