Woodlink 1.75 lb Metal 4-in-1 Smoker Grill Bird Feeder 2 ports

By Woodlink

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Enjoy a bevy of different birds dining in your garden from the 4-N-1 Smoker Grill Bird Feeder with Suet and Fruit Cages. The smoker legs create the frame, with a copper powder coated steel roof for easy filling and cleaning. A metal suet cage sits on one leg and a fruit cage on the other for even more feeding options. The center of the piece is a fly through seed feeder that holds up to 1.75 lbs. of mixed or other seed. Each of the cages opens at the top, for simple filling, and the rectangular openings allow birds easy access to the treat. The "smoker chimney" stake holds one slice of fruit. The attached cable helps it hang with ease.


  • Holds up to 1.75 Lbs of seed, shelled peanuts, 1 suet cake and 1 fruit slice
  • Powder coated Steel for durability
  • Comes with steel cable for convenient hanging

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