Traeger BAC521 Aluminum Drip Tray Liner For Ironwood 885

By Traeger

Item #: 8023037 MPN: BAC521
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Traeger Aluminum Drip Pan Liner 14.75 in. L x 28.75 in. W BAC521
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Make grill maintenance a breeze with our Drip Tray Liners. Made of heat-proof aluminum, they're lightweight and disposable so you can clean up quick and Traeger on. Liners should rest fully on the grease pan and not cover any areas outside of the grease pan, as to not affect the temperature and performance of the grill.
  • Fits Ironwood 885 Grill
  • Light and disposable for easy clean up
  • Our aluminum liners withstand any amount of heat from the grill and drippings from your cooks

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