TEC GATOR Stainless Steel Gator Rack + Chip Corrals For 44-Inch Patio FR & Sterling Patio FR Grills

By TEC Thermal Engineering Corporation

Item #: 88004899 MPN: GATOR
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The TEC Gator Rack lets you smoke and roast across the entire surface of your Patio or Sterling Patio grill. This 6-piece cooking system is perfect for slow-cooking using the infrared power of your TEC grill. Radiant drip trays are placed directly on the cooking grates, and can be filled with juice, beer, or the cooking liquid of your choice to infuse your food with flavor and catch drippings. Then, the slotted smoker/roaster racks are placed onto the drip trays to hold wings, ribs, pork butts, or even a whole hog. Finally, the chip corrals are placed in the front of the smoker/roaster racks to neatly hold your favorite flavored wood chips for a smoky kick. Turn your Patio FR or Sterling Patio FR grill into a slow cooker with the infrared Gator Rack.

  • 304 stainless steel construction provides longevity, and protects from corrosion and wear
  • Radiant drip trays hold juice or other cooking liquids for enhanced flavor and catch tasty drippings
  • Smoker/roaster racks cover the whole surface of your grill for large cooks
  • Chip corrals neatly hold your wood chips in place to add a burst of smoky flavor to your food
  • Fits 44-inch TEC Patio FR & Sterling Patio FR grills


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