PK Grills PK300 Aaron Franklin Charcoal Grill and Smoker Teal PK300AF-TC

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PK Grills and Aaron Franklin were destined to collaborate and create a custom grill! Aaron discovered the Original PK grill way back in the day and fell in love with its design and performance. Over the years, Aaron's constant engagement with the Original PK led to a friendship with the folks behind the brand. Thus, a hot-rodded PK was born, resulting in the Special Edition PK + Franklin Grill. Let the magic begin.


  • A capable grill and smoker
  • Excels at low/slow and hot/fast cooks
  • Proprietary shape ideal for 2-zone cooking
  • Hinged cooking grid for easy coal management
  • Rustproof aluminum capsule
  • Lugged cart construction
  • Real rubber wheel with aluminium rim
  • 3 inch taller working height
  • Temperature probe access door
  • Reengineered cooking surface with removable fuel door

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