Burch Barrel Grill and Smoker

By Burch Barrel

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The Burch Barrel is a charcoal or wood fired grill that is influenced by Argentinian or asado style grilling but with western roots. It's about giving you complete and utter control over your cooking experience from the kind of fuel you use to controlling the dynamics of fire to where you want to cook in the first place. Its circular design allows for the same communal experience of cowboys cooking over a fire pit, while the modern tripod design allows for you to set it up safely on a patio, lawn or at camp.


  • Chef's choice smoke your brisket, flame sear your sides and roast s'mores by starlight - all without buying or making space for three different pieces of equipment
  • Built to last, high-grade steel, reliable coatings and unfailing welds make the Burch Barrel the cooking-with-fire companion that will stand the test of time
  • Located on the bottom of the lid, the hanging hook allows you to easily and safely suspend meat, veggies or a dutch oven over an open flame
  • Additionally, you can remove the coal pan completely to dispose of ashes or to remove hot coals to cool down for fast transportation
  • Communal & social experience - the 360 degree configuration circles people up so they can face each other and their food at the same time, you can finally grill, smoke and entertain without turning your back on your friends
  • Multi-fuel flexibility do you prefer lump charcoal, briquettes, firewood or construction scrap, it doesn't matter - fuel your fire with whatever wood product you prefer
  • Ever-level tripod allows you to set up the Burch Barrel on uneven surfaces
  • No power cord or gas line required

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