Perky-Pet Hummingbird Sucrose Nectar Concentrate 16 oz

By Perky Pet

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With such a high-energy lifestyle, hummingbirds need to eat constantly. Perky-Pet liquid hummingbird nectar concentrate is made of 100 percent sucrose, so your hummingbirds get just the essential energy they need to thrive. Hummingbirds easily digest sucrose, so the energy is delivered faster than artificial nectar mixtures. They won't be able to resist stopping for a drink. This concentrate bottle makes feeding hummingbirds simple, just add water to create your desired amount of nectar. There's no need to boil it and our nectar requires no refrigeration, making storage a breeze.


  • Simply mix concentrate with water no boiling needed
  • No refrigeration required
  • Dont worry about spills - clear formula is non-staining
  • Liquid concentrate makes up to 64 oz of hummingbird nectar

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