Ooni Grizzler Pan

By Ooni

Item #: 6012724 MPN: UU-P08D00
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Ooni Grizzler Pan 12.2 in. L x 6.3 in. W UU-P08D00
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This premium cast iron pan brings together the versatility of the Sizzler pan with the distinctive mouth-watering grill marks you can only get from a griddle pan because after all, the first bite is with the eye. Meats and veggies seared on the Ooni Grizzler are out of this world. The Grizzler comes with a custom-designed removable cast iron handle allowing easy loading in and out of your Ooni ovens and a sustainably sourced beech wood serving board for serving.
  • As with any cast iron product, please hand wash only and follow the included care instructions
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures makes our cast iron products your perfect cooking partner for years to come
  • Ensure that each cast iron piece has been properly seasoned with oil before use

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