Ooni Cast Iron Grizzler Pan

By Ooni

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This cast iron pan is the perfect size for use with all your Ooni ovens. Is it a Griddle? is it a Sizzler? It's both! Say hello to the Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate. Use the versatile smooth Sizzler side for fajitas or frying eggs or flip and use the Ooni Grizzler ribs for those picture-perfect seared grill marks on the meats. Load up that extra-large cut of the beef and sear it off in your Ooni pizza oven.


  • Compatible with all Ooni pizza ovens
  • Custom-designed removable cast-iron handles
  • Serving up fantastic dishes in your backyard, at the beach or any outdoor space
  • See it in action with sizzling steaks, fish and veggies
  • 100% beech board

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