Nature's Way Funnel Flip 6 lb Metal/Plastic Tube Bird Feeder 6 ports

By Nature's Way

Item #: 8027757 MPN: WMFFB-19
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Waste less seed and make less mess when refilling your bird feeder with this innovative Funnel Flip-Top tube feeder. The feeder roof features a built-in funnel shape to provide a 38% wider opening for easy filling. Not only is filling this feeder a breeze, with a 2.8 quart capacity enjoy more hours of bird watching before needing to refill. This feeder can be used for sunflower and mixed seed blends or can also be converted to a thistle feeder with the thistle inserts. Patented Even-Feed baffles hold seed at each feeding level so that you can feed even more birds, even when the seed levels get low. Durable powder-coated metal roof and feed ports and a UV-stabilized tube make for a superior quality feeder that you and the birds will enjoy for years to come.


  • Unique design creates a 38% wider opening with a built-in funnel in the lid of the feeder for the easiest filling with less spill!
  • Spring system in the roof allows the feeder to be opened for filling with a single touch
  • 2-in-1 technology allows feeder to be used to feed a wider assortment of seed
  • Patented baffle system separates seed into individual chambers and keeps seed at all levels for maximum bird viewing
  • Easy clean technology allows all parts to be removed for cleaning without the use of tools
  • Durable powder-coated metal parts and UV stabilized crack-resistant tube for a long-lasting feeder
  • Attracts cardinals, grosbeaks, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, finches, jays, juncos, woodpeckers and more

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