Nature's Way Deluxe 1.4 qt Metal/Plastic Tube Bird Feeder 4 ports

By Nature's Way

Item #: 8027760 MPN: NMRS-18
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The superior quality and innovative design of this deluxe Easy Clean feeder are sure to make it a quick favorite! This feeder can be used for sunflower and mixed seed blends, or can also be converted to a thistle feeder with the thistle inserts, allowing you to attract an even wider variety of birds with a single feeder. Patented Even-Feed baffles hold seed at each feeding level so that you can feed even more birds, even when the seed levels get low. This feeder's innovative design allows the base, Even-Feed baffles and feed ports to be removed for a more thorough cleaning without the use of tools to help you keep your backyard flock healthy.


  • Stay-clear, break resistant tube
  • Durable powder-coated metal roof and ports
  • Adequate port spacing allows for both large and small birds to feed comfortably, attracting a wider variety of birds

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