Looft Electric Charcoal Fire Starter 1500 W

By Ace Hardware Corporation

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The one, the only, the original. Okay, so it is not like we invented fire or anything, but we made fire lighting real easy and that is pretty darn cool. The Looft Lighter I offers the quickest, safest and cleanest way to light your grill or fireplace. It starts your fire in 60 seconds with superheated air only - whether it be charcoal, briquettes or logs. No gas, No flame and No need for lighter fluids. Simply put-The Perfect Match All-electric, Superheated air, Lights all fuels.


  • Fast-like seriously fast, the Looft Lighter I hits temperatures of 1200 deg. F and gets your charcoal glowing in 60 seconds
  • Versatile-charcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs and briquettes
  • Looft Lighter I gets that perfect glow smoldering in no time
  • Safe-no gas, no flame and no lighter fluids means that you rule the fire with nothing more than super-heated air
  • And the safety casing cools down seconds after use
  • Clean-with the Looft Lighter I there is no CO2 emissions and no toxic chemicals
  • ETL listed and RoHS compliant

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