Solo Stove Paraffin Fire Starter Packets

By Solo Stove

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Perfect for the trail or the backyard, Starter Packs are reliable, fast and durable. All you need is one match-- Starter Packs will light every time they come in contact with a flame. Store them for up to 30 years and always at a safe distance from any heat sources. Even if you catch yourself in the rain, you and your fire pit don't have to worry about being left in the cold.


  • Easy way to warm up in inclement weather
  • Meet our non-toxic, earth-friendly, weather-proof fire starter that outlasts the most extreme conditions
  • Made of paraffin wax, these starters are a safe way to start fires that can reach over a foot tall
  • Simply light the corner and the starter pack will do the rest
  • Starter packs are food safe, use them on the trail to light your fire pit or camping stove or with the grill during your next cookout

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