Kosmos Q Plastic Brown Disposable Cutting Board 30 pk

By Kosmos

Item #: 8037619 MPN: KOS-CUT-30
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If you've ever prepared whole chickens, brisket or large cuts of pork in your kitchen on a slippery plastic cutting board you feel our pain! You've probably spread food borne bacteria all over your kitchen and not even realized it when you've tried to get those large cutting surfaces clean after preparing raw meat on them. Well, we have some welcomed good news! These disposable, moisture resistant, direct food-grade certified cutting surfaces make preparing raw or cooked foods a cinch! Best of all these are fit and ready for a spot in your trailer when you compete. The box is fitted with flaps so you can reseal the box between cooks to make sure everything stays clean.


  • Disposable and portable
  • Water-resistant membrane
  • Cook faster and safer

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