GrillGrate Grill Topper

By GrillGrate

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Upgrade your grill with grates that last for life and become a better, more confident griller. Trusted for years by steak cookoff and BBQ champions, the original patented GrillGrates are an improved grilling surface that delivers the best, juiciest food of your life. Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates are nonstick and last forever. Flip them over for an instant griddle, or keep them rails up for picture-perfect sear marks. On all grill types from gas to charcoal to pellet, you’ll get reduced flare-ups (no more charring or flames!), faster cook times with even heating, and flavorful food that sizzles in its juices. GrillGrates turn pellet smokers into pellet grills by adding 100-200 degrees of surface temperature so you can get a true sear.


  • Perfect for use outside on the grill or over an open fire
  • Durable material for a long lasting life
  • Easy to clean

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