Grill Topper, Stainless Steel (74636 OMC #19401)

By Broil King

Item #: A74636 MPN: 19401
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The Barbecue Genius Gourmet Topper for food that are too small for a regular grill surface.
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The Barbecue Genius Gourmet Topper made by OMC is made with heavy gauge stainless steel.It provides an ideal way to grill foods that are too smal or delicate for regular cooking grills.Great for fish, shrimp, vegetables and pizza.It is approximately 16 inches by 12 inches (35.5cm by 28cm) and is placed directly on the cooking grill. Due to changes in manufacturing, item may look different than item pictured.74636 is Barbecue Genius® (OMC® - Onward Manufacturing Company) #19401.

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