Houdini Foil Cutter

By Houdini

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Houdini Wine Bottle Foil Cutter (Black) is the perfect accessory for the wine lover. Neatly and safely remove foil from wine bottles with this foil cutter. Simply squeeze and twist to remove the wine bottle foil. Cleanly and evenly cut wine foil off making it easy to remove the corker. Made from durable plastic, this wine tool features an easy-to-grip velvet-smooth finish. Made of durable plastic and covered with a rubberized, matte black finish, this foil cutter from the Velvet line is elegant and easy to grip. Simply position it on top of the bottle, squeeze firmly and twist. Shake it up! Whether you are an at-home mixologist or an amateur wine connoisseur, Houdini by Rabbit provides exceptional tools to inspire you to celebrate the moments. Like Rabbit, Houdini is continually evolving and takes pride in delivering quality and value at an everyday price point.


  • Squeeze and twist to remove the foil from the wine bottle, open and enjoy
  • This foil cutter makes a great gift for any wine aficionado
  • Easy to use

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