Houdini Stainless Steel Wing Corkscrew

By Houdini

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The Houdini Wing Corkscrew is an essential tool for any home bar or kitchen. This classic corkscrew twin arms provide extra leverage to remove wine corks with ease. Constructed of durable plastic and chrome plated metal for long service life. Designed to fit any size bottle. Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. HOW TO USE: 1. Squeeze corkscrew around bottle neck and align the spiral with the center of the cork 2. Grip the corkscrew body and begin to turn the handle clockwise 3. Turn handle until the wings are upright 4. Using both hands, push wings down 5. To remove cork from spiral, squeeze sides against cork and turn handle counter clockwise 6. Top-rack, dishwasher safe. Shake it up! Whether you are an at-home mixologist or an amateur wine connoisseur, Houdini by Rabbit provides exceptional tools to inspire you to celebrate the moments. Like Rabbit, Houdini is continually evolving and takes pride in delivering quality and value at an everyday price point.


  • This winged corkscrew features a non-stick spiral and clamps on top of wine bottles for a desire opening experience
  • Designed to fit any sized bottle and top has bottle opener for opening soft drinks, beers and more
  • Long lasting

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