Breeo Outpost 24 Silver Camp Grill

By Breeo

Item #: 8084585 MPN: BR-OP24
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Fits Breeo X Series
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The Outpost Grill is a portable, self pounding grill grate designed to pair with your Breeo X Series fire pit or travel to the campsite. This ultimate grilling system allows for maximum heat control, portability and the durable build ensures years of use.


  • Adjustability control the heat by adjusting the height of the outpost grill and utilizing the 360 degree rotation
  • Versatility use on it's own or attach it to you Breeo X Series fire pit
  • The detachable Anchorpoint allows you to pair the outpost grill with an X series fire pit or use it as a freestanding grill grate at the campsite

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