Breeo X Series 24 Lid Stainless Steel Fire Ring Lid

By Breeo

Item #: 8084579 MPN: BR-LD24
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Fits Breeo X Series
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A durable, stainless steel lid that is compatible with the X Series 24 smokeless fire pit. The X Series 24 lid keeps water and debris from collecting inside your fire pit. Designed with self-centering tabs to keep the lid securely in place. Keep the elements out of your fire pit to ensure optimal performance.


  • Place the lid on your fire pit when the fire has burned down to ash only or the fire is out completely
  • As your fire burns, keep it evenly spread throughout the fire pit
  • Never use your lid as a snuffer
  • The lid is designed to make the fire pit a perfect patio table when the fire pit is not in use
  • Using your lid to regularly cover your fire pit will prevent premature aging and damage to the metal

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