Weber 7432 Cooking Grate - 18" charcoal grills and 18" Smokey Mountain Cooker

By Weber

Item #: 8211716 MPN: 7432
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18 inch Weber® charcoal grills and 18 inch Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker (top cooking grate only)
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Reinvigorate your 18 inches Weber charcoal grill's searing capability with this replacement Weber cooking grate. Use the built-in handles on this plated-steel rack to position it on the upper prongs of your grill's interior, where it sits snugly to provide a stable cooking platform. This low-cost refurbishment will restore your charcoal grill's performance to like-new levels.


  • Preheat on high for 15 minutes and brush clean with a grill brush
  • Rests securely on upper prongs of grill, lifts out effortlessly
  • Built-in raised handles enable easy maneuverability

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