Smokey Woods All Natural Mesquite Wood Smoking Chunks 350 cu in

By Smokey Woods

Item #: 8087461 MPN: SW-10-35-350
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Cook barbecue like a pro. One of our favorite methods to add flavor, rich and bold flavors. Whether you’re adding to a coal bed, cold smoking or in tandem with a gas-assisted rig. Smokey Woods BBQ Chunk Firewood are the premier cooking fuel for restaurants and the home cook. Wood chunks are a popular choice for smoking meats because they burn slowly and add a distinct flavor. We cut our chunks small and dense, perfect for grills, smokers and ceramic grill styles for quicker cook jobs.


  • Precision Cut Kiln Dried wood allows for more control over the temperature, as wood burns at a steady and consistent rate
  • Mesquite wood imparts a strong, distinct, earthy taste and natural flavor to the food that is being cooked
  • Cooking with wood is a traditional method of cooking and is often associated with outdoor activities, such as camping or tailgating
  • Wood is a renewable resource and is considered the most sustainable option
  • Cooking with wood also adds a nice aroma to your food, which can enhance the overall taste experience

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