B&B Charcoal Mesquite Wood Smoking Chunks

By B&B

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B&B Wood smoking chunks help backyard grilling enthusiasts add that delicious aromatic wood smoked flavored to anything they want to put on top of their grill. An easy and convenient way to change the flavour of your favourite BBQ dishes. Seven varieties of B&B smoking chunks are available so that you can try a different type of wood smoke flavour every night. The best choice for smoking with gas grills, B&B smoking chunks can be used in either a metal smoker box/tray or in an aluminium foil pouch. The chips can also add a smoked flavour to foods cooked on a charcoal grill when chunks are placed in an aluminium foil pouch next to the coals of your fire.


  • A taste of the Southwest with every bite you take when you cook with Mesquite
  • This strong flavorful wood will stand up with equally hearty cuts such as beef, brisket and wild game
  • 100% All Natural
  • Kiln Dried

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