Smart Solar Bradford Metal Candle Lantern

By Smart Living

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The Bradford Lantern 2-pack is an industrial, rustic chic lantern set that brings ambient lighting to your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces. The small one stands almost 12 in. tall and the large one stands 16 in. tall making them the perfect pair. The small lantern is ideal for tabletops and hanging and the large lantern looks beautiful by doorways and entryways or can also be used hanging. Styling options are endless. Each candle is 3.0 in. x 4.5 in. and has a single LED candle. Candles glow an amber rich hue and create warm, elegant mood lighting. On the bottom of each candle is an on/off/6-hour timer switch that allows you to choose how long you illuminate your lantern. To activate the 6 hour timer mode, simply switch to timer and the lantern will stay on for 6 hours, turn off for 18 hours and illuminate again at the same time every day no action required. Each candle is suspended inside by a metal hook allowing them to swing freely instead of being in a fixed position. A heavy duty metal ring on top allows you to hang your lantern where you like with confidence. Metal construction with distressed grey/white painted finish.


  • When set on timer mode, lantern automatically lights up at the same time each day
  • Can be placed on any flat surface or hung with the integrated metal hanging loop
  • Easy to use indoors and outdoors
  • Each candle requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

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