Big Green Egg 120779 Carbon Steel Grill Wok

By Big Green Egg

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The Big Green Egg is highly versatile and that also applies to cooking with a wok. With the Carbon Steel Grill Wok with Bamboo Spatula you can master every culinary technique. Its flat bottom makes it stable on every cooking surface. And you can easily use it in combination with the EGGspander. This wok is made of carbon steel, which makes it tougher than ordinary steel. And of course we have already treated it with a rust-resistant layer of oil.


  • Traditional 2-handle design, dual handles provide a firm grip
  • Little oil, high temperatures, fresh ingredients and the carbon steel grill wok with bamboo spatula
  • Saute or stir-fry, with or without an Asian twist
  • After cleaning, treat your wok pan with vegetable oil to keep it in optimum condition

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