North States 84 in. H Bird Feeder Pole

By North States

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The Ultimate Birdfeeding Station has everything you need to attract a variety of birds to your backyard. The box includes 1-7 ft. pole with 4 hooks, a tube feeder for mixed seed, a mesh tube for thistle, a mesh feeder for peanuts and a wire feeder for suet. It also includes a tray feeder so that you can feed insects or fruit to your flying friends. Use some or all, take your pick. The 7 ft. wrought-iron pole connects together with a wing-nut assembly and has a decorative barley twist finial top. The bottom of the pole has a forked base prong for extra stability. Just step down to firmly plant the pole in the ground. Once this bird feeding station is set up in your backyard, just fill with your favorite seed and watch the birds flock to it.


  • Includes a large 9" diameter micro-mesh feeder tray for meal worms or fruit
  • Comes complete with a seed feeder, peanut feeder, thistle feeder and a suet feeder
  • A tube feeder for mixed seed, mesh tube for thistle, mesh feeder for peanuts, wire feeder for suet and a tray feeder for insects
  • Each feeder holds 1 lb. of seed
  • Versatile, top-of-the-line birdfeeder designed to attract a variety of birds
  • Comes with 4-section 7 ft. pole and hooks
  • Durable black rust resistant powder coat finish

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