InstaFire Grill Fire Starter 3 pk

By Ace Hardware Corporation

Item #: 8439515 MPN: 3P-CCBSO
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Instafire charcoal starter is the perfect fire-starting product for charcoal grilling and campfire grilling. Instafire will light up to 75 charcoal briquettes or 2 lbs. of lump charcoal in just 15 min without the need of lighter fluid. This is a safe, all-natural product and therefore contains no harmful chemicals such as benzene, making it ideal for the ceramic grills like the big green egg.


  • Versatile and easy-to-use packs of charcoal briquette starter for grills, camp stoves, charcoal chimneys, RV parks
  • Light up to 75 coals quickly on with a single serving and cook without flare-ups or the smell and taste of lighter fluid
  • Made from recycled wood, volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax-no harmful chemicals or vapors
  • Safe-to-store, non-volatile formula with shelf life of 30-years and no risk of flare ups, explosions or flammable-storage concerns
  • Leftover ash is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that nourishes the earth

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