Big Green Egg 120960 Ceramic Grill Baking Stone & XXL ConvEggtor

By Big Green Egg

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Fits XXL Big Green Egg
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Very versatile is an understatement for the Half conveggtor Stone. If you are in the mood for baking, you make your own bread, calzone or biscuits - but you can also use the conveggtor stone as an intermediate layer if you want to cook on it indirectly. Designed to be a no-burn zone stone when two are paired, providing maximized cooking space. With a conveggtor, the smaller diameter means food around the edges can burn. So this is ideal for lower temperature high volume cooking, like with chicken wings. Also, when one half is used for two-zone cooking.


  • It gives you a full half area where you can cook food without worrying about burning
  • Also works with the 2XL conveggtor basket
  • The conveggtor stones are made from the same high quality ceramics as the big green egg so they will not break under high heat

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