Big Green Egg 119735 2XL ConvEGGtor Basket

By Big Green Egg

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Fits XXL Big Green Egg
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The Big Green Egg 2XL Egg accommodates a new design and easy to use dual-zone metal+ceramic convEGGtor for indirect cooking. The convEGGtor for the 2XL - made from combining the 2XL convEGGtor Basket + two 2XL half baking stones - offers improved ergonomics when setting up for indirect cooking to utilize the full versatility of the Egg.


  • The conveggtor basket allows for easy placement and removal of the conveggtor
  • The conveggtor basket encapsulates the stones, keeping an air gap underneath when placing the hot conveggtor on a surface
  • Half stones (sold separately) give the user the ability to create full indirect, two-zone and raised direct cooking setups
  • The half stones have a beveled edge, so when two are placed together there is no gap for direct flame

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