Basting Mop, Deluxe, OMC® GrillPro® (807486, 02103)

By Broil King

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Deluxe Basting Mop
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Deluxe Basting Mop W/ ten (10) inch Black Hardwood HandleInstead of slopping the deck, you slop on the sauce. Covers a lot of food with sauce in a short time.Basting mops are usually used with a light sauce made with juices, ciders, oils, alcoholic beverages, etc. Using a tomato based sauce may stain the mop head - but if that doesn't matter to you, then go for it!The mop handle is about 3/4 inch diamter, very slightly tapered toward the head, then wider about an inch from the head.807486 is GrillPro® #02103 (was 78260 #42055).

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