GrillGrate For Weber Genesis II 300 Series

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GrillGrate For Weber Genesis II 300 Series 2016-Present Replacement GrillGrate Set 18.8 in. L x 2 REP188-5
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GrillGrates are the perfect replacement the Weber Genesis II 300 and other large gas grills. GrillGrates will make your old gas grill better than new. They are interlocking panels that fit across the surface of the grill. They can replace your existing grates or sit on top. GrillGrates produce juicier and more tender food. Made of hard anodized aluminum, they never rust. Every set comes with a GrateTool which is part fork, part spatula that fits between the rails to get under your food and lift it without scraping.
  • GrillGrates amplify the heat of the grill
  • Heat is rapidly transferred up the raised rails to cook food fast and evenly
  • The bottom plate blocks flare up from engulfing food preventing charring and drying out
  • Hard anodized aluminum conducts heat more efficiently than cast iron and stainless steel
  • Juices and drippings fall into the valleys where they sizzle and vaporize enhancing flavor and moisture
  • Two grill surfaces in one; cook rails side up or on the flat side
  • Five Panels for a total of 18.8 x 25.5

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