Grill Rescue Grill Brush Replacement Head

By Grill Rescue

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Grill Rescue, killer of stubborn residue. Fire up the gas or the charcoal! Get out the chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs or steaks and barbecue to your heart’s content. This grill cleaner brush can wipe away the grime left behind with ease and then when that’s done, just pop the cleaning heads into the dishwasher or washing machine. The cleaner head is made of heat retardant foam and wrapped in a high temp kevlar layer and uses the power of steam to erase any residual gunk or grease. Just heat your BBQ to a minimum of 400 degrees (then turn off your burners), dunk your grill brush in water and easily clean off any remaining residue. This grill scraper is also safe to use. Unlike wire grilling brushes which are dangerous because the wires break off and can end up in your food, ours is bristle-free.


  • Just heat up your grill, dunk the grilling cleaning brush in water and scrub
  • Perfect for gas, charcoal, pellet or flat tops. A great cleaner for anyone
  • Made as a high-temp grill cleaner, this BBQ cleaning tool is easy to use on any grill
  • Unlike wire grill brushes, no dangerous metal bristles will end up in your food
  • We offer replacement heads and a brush hook for the Grill Rescue BBQ grill brush

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