Gateway Drum Smokers Smoker Cover 10455

By Blues Hog

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Grill Compatibility: Gateway Drum Smoker
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The Gateway Drum Smoker Signature Series Smoker Cover is a dual-lined custom smoker cover designed to fit the 55-Gallon Gateway Drum Smoker models, including the Blues Hog Edition, Gateway Drum Smoker. The soft, padded inner liner can be used when transporting smokers to work as a barrier between straps and your smoker. has an adjustable, bottom tightener to secure the liner around the smoker. The durable, waterproof-polyester outer liner protects the smoker from harsh outdoor climates. An adjustable bottom clasp allows for fastening the liner under the bottom of the smoker so that it will stay attached without blowing away. The Signature Series smoker also features the Gateway Drum Smoker logo printed on the front of the outer liner.


  • Outer shell to protect from harsh elements
  • Adjustable clasp fastener and drawstring
  • Branded with award-winning, Gateway Drum Smoker Logo

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