Broilmaster DPA51 Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit

By Broilmaster

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Take your outdoor cooking to new heights with the Broilmaster DPA51 Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit. Crafted for durability and performance, this versatile accessory allows you to effortlessly roast mouthwatering meats and poultry on your grill.

Designed to fit securely on your Broilmaster grill, the DPA51 Rotisserie Kit features heavy-duty construction that can handle even the largest cuts of meat with ease. Its powerful motor ensures smooth and consistent rotation, resulting in perfectly cooked and evenly browned dishes every time.

Whether you're grilling up a whole chicken, a succulent roast, or a flavorful rack of ribs, the Broilmaster DPA51 Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit delivers exceptional results that will impress your family and friends. With its easy-to-use design and hassle-free operation, it's the perfect accessory for any grilling enthusiast looking to elevate their outdoor cooking experience.

Transform your grill into a versatile rotisserie oven with the Broilmaster DPA51 Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit and unlock a world of delicious possibilities. From backyard barbecues to special occasions, this essential accessory is sure to become a favorite in your outdoor kitchen.

Experience the convenience of roasting whole chickens, pork loins, roasts, and more with the motorized rotisserie kit for your Broilmaster Stainless gas grill. This kit, along with the included counterweight, ensures even roasting of large cuts of meat from all angles.


  • Heavy-duty standard rotisserie for P3, H3, P4 models
  • Motorized rotisserie kit

Compatible with the following grills:

  • Premium P3SX
  • Deluxe H3X
  • Deluxe H4X
  • Premium P3X
  • Premium P3XF
  • Premium P4X
  • Premium P4XF

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