Broilmaster DPA104 Flavor Screen for Size 4 Grill

By Broilmaster

Item #: A74701 MPN: DPA104
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Fits P4, D4 & H4 Broilmaster Grills
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Stainless steel Flavor Screen for Size 4 grill head. Flavor Screen is designed as an alternative to briquettes in your grill. 

Benefits of the Flavor Screen

  • Enhances the amount and quality of smoke. The Flavor Screen creates smoke from the natural juices of the food being grilled. This results in that charcoal flavor.
  • Reduces flare-ups. When properly installed and maintained, the unit will reduce flare-ups.
  • Prevents foods from drying out. Because the Flavor Screen eliminates flames and generates smoke and steam from the natural juices, the food does not dry out.
  • Improves heat distribution. The Flavor Screen is designed to distribute the heat output of the burners by evenly distributing the hot gases produced by the burner.
  • Increases the life of the grill. The Flavor screen reduces by up to 75% the amount of grease that reaches the burners and surrounding area. Grease and drippings are the primary reason for corrosion of the burners and grill body.

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