Weber® Gas Grill Drip/Grease Tray/Pan Rails

By Weber

Item #: P714
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These rails hold the Weber® grease tray to the underside of the grill so you can slide the tray in and out (for cleaning).
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The grease tray or grease funnel feeds the drip catch pan under the tray.These rails hold the grease/drip funnel tray to the underside of the grill so you can slide the tray in and out for cleaning.Through the years, Weber® has changed the part for how the tray is held to the grill, so we're stocking up on five different kinds of rails which seem to cover many of the grills.There are at least two kinds for the older 2-burner grills and three kinds for the older 3-burner grills. We aren't stocking up for the newer grills as most are still under warranty. The 2007 and later Genesis® grills use a completely different rail that is mounted to the frame, not to the cookbox. We'll get photos and dimensions of our rails when we can! (Until then, look on your grill!) Each set contain two rails and hardware (screws).By looking at old Weber® schematics, here's what we will try to keep in stock. Only a subset of the grills (more than 40!) for a set of rails are listed. Check your grill's schematic for the correct part number.Two burner grills: 92906 part #88202 for Genesis® Silver A '04 SWE, early Spirit® 2xx (outside LP tanks - pre 2009), and others. 9.175 long. 3 holes, 1 from end center hole 4.5 from one end, plus two tabs, 2.175 from each end. 2 screws. 2nd from left in photo. 92907 #98056 Also for Silver A, Spirit® 350 & 500, and likely others. 9 inches long, holes 5 inches apart. Left-most in the photo.Three burner grills: 92908 #88203 Genesis® Silver & Platinum® B&C, others too. 11.5 long. Three holes 1 from the ends and one in the center (11.75), plus two tabs 2.175 from each end. 2 screws. 2nd from right in the photo. 92909 #98057 Genesis® B&C, Spirit® 700, Weber® 900 and others. 11.5 long. Two holes 2.175 (1/8) from the ends, 7.25 apart on centers. 4 Screws. Center in photo (3rd from left). 92910 #97783 Genesis® 3000 (Genesis® & Platinum®) and others. 13.5 long. Two holes 2.5 from the end, 8.5 apart on centers. With 4 screws. This is the right-most and longest pair in the photo.

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