Weber 7571 Summit® 600 (2007 and later) Rotisserie

By Weber

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Fits Weber Summit 600 series (2007 and later) gas grills


Rotisserie for the Weber® Summit® 620 series 2007 and later grills.The rotisserie features a 9 Watt heavy-duty 120V AC electric motor, on/off switch, oval metal rod handle, and bracket with screws for the motor mounting. (The motor does NOT work on 220V systems.) The bracket is 3.5 inches at the bottom inside.There are four (4) two-prong skewers so you can cook two things at the same time. The entire length of the spit is 44.5 inches tip to handle. It is 3/8 inch square except for the rounded sections that rest in the spit-grooves on the sides of the grill's body. The grooves are 39 1/8 inches apart on the outside and 37 inches on the inside.The groove on the handle side starts a little less than 1.5 inches from the handle and the groove is .5 inches wide.The unit is similar to the one shown on a Genesis grill (see Related Items 82459) except the Summit® spit is longer and it has four skewers.Fits year 2007 and later Summit® E-620 and S-620 grills. (The higher 600 series numbers, 640, 650 and 670, already come with rotisseries, and this will replace yours if worn out. Tuck-Away™ rotisseries may be different, check with Weber first.)

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