Weber 91288 Warming Rack - Spirit 200 series (2009-2012)

By Weber

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Fits Weber Spirit 200 series gas grills (2009-2012)
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In 2009 Weber® Spirit® grills came with a raised warming rack like the 2007 and later Genesis® grills, instead of the flat-across warming rack the grills had for years (since the 1980's?)The raised warming rack supports the food 4.75 inches (12cm) above the primary cooking surface. Swap it in and out with the flat (straight across) warming rack whenever you need more (or less) space for items on the primary cooking area!The rack is 23.75 inches long overall (where it fits into the grooves on the grill's lower casting). It is 2.25 inches high and 4.75 inches deep. (60.4 x 2.57 x 12 cm). 

This is a Genuine Weber Part.

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