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Valve Regulator Assembly for Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® 67178, 65739

item# A76213

Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® Valve and Regulator Assembly, 67178 (#752603/#3643) 65739

Weber® Gas Go-Anywhere® Valve and Regulator Assembly Also fits into the burner tube for the older (pre-2005) Weber® Performer® grills with the stainless work area. It does NOT work on the 2010 and later Performers. 67178 65739 The dial/valve has a locking off (it won't turn unless you press it in) and has indications of LOW, MED and HIGH. The piece that fits into the burner tube (the brass fitting on the right) is about 5/8" diameter and it is 7/16" from the end to the brass nut. The brass orifice piece has a male end about 3/8 inch diameter that screws into the grey body of the valve. It likely has a #67 aperture orifice, at least, #67 is what's stamped on the orifice end (orifice is photo-enhanced in the center of the right-side brass piece in the lower photo). Other info on the unit in the photo: All part of the casting: "HOSUN", "R100" "D-0203" "OUT IN" (with an arrow indicating the direction of gas flow), a triangle marking the dial position and "2D-0202". Printed on the unit: "D250", "121108". May be shipped as a part or an accessory depending on availability. 76213 is Weber® part #52603 (it was accessory #3643). Retaining clip if needed is related item, 80004319