TimberTote Firewood 1pk

By TimberTote

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This is absolutely one of a kind. Developed and manufactured only by our company to provide a unique dancing flame pattern. Can be used in an indoor fireplace or your outdoor campfire. Includes handle and firestarter. The TripleTorch is safe for cooking and roasting marshmallows.


  • Versatile fire log, perfect for use indoors with fireplaces or outdoors in campfires and fire pits
  • Features patented chimney design for quick and easy lighting
  • 3 chimneys create a safe and controlled fire that burns hotter and creates less mess
  • Grab and go handle makes it easy to take fire log to the campsite, fire pit or inside to your fireplace
  • Kiln-dried fire log is safe for cooking
  • Simply remove the paper, light included start stick, drop in the pre-drilled hole and enjoy
  • Harvested by logging companies with responsible forestry practices
  • Upto 2 hours of fire

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