SuckleBusters Cracked Black Pepper BBQ Rub 12 oz

By SuckleBusters

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This BBQ Rub is loaded with traditional flavors used on beef. It is a salt, pepper, and garlic blend with loads of half and quarter-cracked black pepper. Texas is known for its beef BBQ and this is a very traditional flavored BBQ Rub. If you are looking for prime rib seasoning - this is it! 1836 Beef Rub is named in honor of Texas becoming an independent state in 1836. Our recipes are deep-rooted in Texas, and this rub pays tribute to everything Texas and Premium BBQ. 


  • It's great on just about any meat but really shines on beef
  • That is also the same time our family came to settle in texas
  • All natural, no msg, gluten free
  • It is perfect for brisket and is awesome on steak

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