Small Batch Wild & Strong Raging Songbird Habanero Wild Bird Food 5 lb

By Ace

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Wild & Strong Small Batch Habanero Flavored Wild Bird Food is a zesty mix of seeds, nuts and grains seasoned with a generous sprinkling of habanero pepper. This fiery blend is sure to heat up your backyard with a colorful array of birds that enjoy spicy treats but it will have squirrels running in the other direction! Small Batch Habanero can be used in tube, hopper or platform bird feeders.


  • Spicy mix of seeds, grains and nuts that birds love and squirrels don't
  • Attracts cardinals, juncos, chickadees, titmice, finches and more
  • Contains over 25% black oil sunflower seeds, a wild bird favorite
  • Feeding the birds, not the squirrels, is easy with this spicy bird feed blend

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