Weber 68923 SmokeFire Enclosed Grease Tray

By Weber

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Fits Weber SmokeFire EX4 & EX6
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Upgrade your Weber SmokeFire grill with the Weber 68923 Enclosed Grease Tray. This essential accessory is designed to catch drippings and grease, ensuring a cleaner grilling experience. Made with high-quality materials, the enclosed grease tray is durable, easy to install, and specifically engineered to fit your Weber SmokeFire grill perfectly.

The Weber 68923 Enclosed Grease Tray helps prevent flare-ups and maintains the overall performance of your grill by keeping it clean and efficient. The enclosed design minimizes mess and makes disposal simple, so you can focus on grilling your favorite foods without worrying about cleanup. Ideal for BBQ enthusiasts who demand both performance and convenience, this grease tray is a must-have for maintaining your grill in top condition.

Invest in genuine Weber parts and accessories to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your grill. The Weber 68923 SmokeFire Enclosed Grease Tray is the perfect solution for keeping your grill clean and running smoothly. Shop now and experience the difference in your grilling performance.

Replacement Enclosed Grease Tray for Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grills. #18 on SmokeFire Schematic.

This is a Genuine Weber Part. 

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