Q-Flame Wood Pellet Steel Patio Heater

By Q-Stove

Item #: 4879946 MPN: Q-FLAME
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A more efficient alternative to outdoor propane, electric heaters and campfires. It's portable and can travel with you. Camping, hunting, RVing or at home on the patio you will have hours of cost effective heat and simple controls to operate. QStoves also leaves no trace unlike campfires and does not use heavy tanks to refuel or exchange like propane. Use QStoves for a quiet evening or in emergency situations when you are forced out of your home. 106000 BTU w/10 ft. heating radius. Double hoppers holds 20 lbs. of wood pellets with a 3-4 hour burn time per load. Heavy gauge high temp coated steel construction. Portable, easy to carry.


Quick and simple assembly, 6-10 minutes

Platform that all accessories are built from

A portable heater able to travel for camping or emergencies

Leaves no trace

Fully contained fire

No smoke, no embers, no sparks

Lowest fuel cost of any heater on the market

Highest BTU of any patio heater, 106,000 BTU

Adjustable chimney height, comes in 4 sections


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