POL/Quick Connect Fill Plug (424595 #F276329)

By Mr. Heater

Item #: 49364 MPN: F276329
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Fill a Quick Connect LP tank or one with a Hansen GasMate II adapter (424595 #F276329)
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If your grill or LP heating device has a quick-disconnect (AKA quick connect) hose and regulator fitting, you might be experiencing the phasing out of quick connect LP tanks with the newer QCC1 screw-on only tanks. (QCC is quick closing coupler which in the US is 1 5/16-inch ACME threaded.)This adapter fits into the quick-connect fitting of the tank and converts it to a POL (reverse inside thread) fitting, which LP filling stations can fill.If you already have a Hansen GasMate II adapter which converts a QCC1 screw-on only tank to quick connect, you may have found you can't remove the adapter. This plug will let you have it filled.Note: some filling stations will not fill a tank older than its expiration date!424595 is Mr. Heater #F276329

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