Mr. Heater Brass Quick Connect x Excess Flow Soft Nose P.O.L Propane Grill Adapter

By Mr. Heater

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Quick-Connect to P.O.L Propane (LP) Tank Hansen Gas-Mate II Adapter 425028 #F276334
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This Quick-Connect to P.O.L Propane (LP) Tank Adapter, (also called a Hansen Gas-Mate II adapter), is used to adapt a QCC1 P.O.L LP tank to fit a quick-connect quick-disconnect (QD) hose & regulator.- QCC is Quick Closing Coupling and may also be called ACME. QCC is NOT a quick-connect/quick-disconnect attachment.- POL is an abbreviation for Prest-O-Lite, for the company that first produced the left-handed connector that commonly needed a wrench to attach to tanks tightly enough to prevent leaks.The QD hose and regulators are no longer made for LP grills so if you have one on your grill this adapter will enable your grill to work with the newer QCC1 LP tanks which often have internal left-handed female threads for the older P.O.L connectors.Your other choices are to replace your hose & regulator with a newer one that works with the outer QCC threads on the newer tanks. This unit has an installation piece that is supposed to break off when tightened down the correct amount. Breaking off the installation piece means the adapter can't be removed to put it on another tank. You will have to refill the tank (instead of exchanging it for a full one).For refilling, get a POL/Quick Connect Fill Plug adapter (see related items) if your refill station doesn't have one. You can actually remove this Hansen adapter if you do not break off the installation piece, or if you fashion your own removal tool, or use a narrow pliers to remove it by grabbing on the narrow band on the outside edge of the threaded portion.(The photo shows a tank with only the P.O.L inside thread fitting. See the QCC tank in related items for a photo of a tank that has the external QCC (and P.O.L) fittings.)425028 is Mr. Heater Corp #F276334(The Hansen Gas-Mate adapter, 844640 #9800 was discontinued by Weber.)

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